Extracts and Infusions

Cannabis Infused Cuisine

Fresh Raw Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Growing Tips.

How to prepare cannabis oil, tinctures, honey oil, cannabutter and cannaoil medications. Plus the health benefits of eating and juicing fresh raw marijuana.

Medicinal Marijuana.

The basics.

Now we are getting into the fun part. Creating recipes that are delisious and effective. Most cannabinoids begin to break down at 220º F so the challenge is to create medicated edibles (medibles) that are nutritious and effective as a medicine.

Cooking with Medicinal Marijuana. Recipes.

Marijuana is one of a few plants in this world that is a complete protien. It is very nutritious with ten amino fatty acids and is alkaline forming. Disease thrives in an acidic environment so correcting your ph level is the first step to recovery.

Educate before you medicate. The Medical Marijuana Guide. An informative guide for health and vitality.

Growing tip #236. Plant your seeds on a full moon.