Food is Natures Pharmacy. We eat for pleasure but we should be eating for health and vitality. There is nothing wrong in indulging once in awhile but for every day eating we should be very consious of what we put into our body. Cannabinoids found in marijuana fit our endocannabinoid system like a key in a lock.

Marijuana technically is a vegetable with many nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Marijuana is vital in our diets for  restoring 

balance. Marijuana is key to maintaining

and restoring health and vitallity. 


"The Medical Marijuana Guide." 

Goes into preparing medications that treat

chronic illnesses as well as introduce marijuana

as a vital food source.

This is a must read that could save your life

and restore physiological balance.








"The Medical Marijuana Mental Health Guide."

Is now available on kindle. Educate before you

medicate. The Medical Marijuana Mental Health

Guide provides you with a healthy effective

alternative to pharmaceutical medications. You will

be amazed at how easier life gets when you start

to regain some functionality in life. The guide walks

you thru the process of making a recovery utilizing

one of the most powerful herbs known to mankind.

Fresh raw marijuana, the new super food with the

power to heal the mind and body. 


Chef Derek Butt.


Health Canada does not consider dried marijuana as an approved drug or medicine. The Government of Canada does not endorse the use of marijuana, but the courts have required reasonable access to a legal source of marijuana when authorized by a physician. Unfortunately few physicians today are aware of the endocannabinoid system and the benefits of cannabinoids found in marijuana. 



A holistic approach for improving your health and the quality of life.



Do You Medicate With Cannabis?

Want To Do So Legally?



CLICK HERE for a list of doctors across Canada who will prescribe medical maijuana.


CLICK HERE to obtain the necasary forms for your doctor to fill out.



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